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Revenue Overview Example Table
from deck Annual Budget Financial Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Revenue Overview Example Table

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Revenue Overview Example Table" and compares budgeted and Last Year (LY) revenue per month, both in value and percentage. The table lists each month with corresponding budgeted and LY revenue figures, along with the calculated differences in thousands of USD. Notable points are highlighted, such as the highest growth in November and December attributed to entering a new market. The right section titled "Comments" contains placeholder text for additional explanations.

Graphical Look

  • A clear, structured table with alternating white and light gray rows for each month, from January to December, for easy reading.
  • Two icons representing currency (a dollar sign) are placed above the "Budget" and "LY" columns, adding a visual cue to the financial data.
  • A percentage symbol icon is located above the "Difference" column, visually distinguishing it as percentage data.
  • The table concludes with a standout row summarizing the full year's figures, accentuated by bold font and contrasting color (dark blue).
  • A separate orange, speech bubble-shaped element labeled "Comments" is placed on the right side of the slide for additional notes.
  • Text within the "Comments" section is a lighter hue of blue on white with placeholder titles in dark blue and placeholder text in standard black.
  • The overall background of the slide contains a faint graphical element resembling a bar chart, providing a thematic connection to the data presented.

The slide is designed with a professional and clean aesthetic, incorporating a balance of colors and icons to emphasize key financial data. The alternating row colors and distinct summary row enhance readability.

Use Cases

  • Presenting monthly financial performance to stakeholders or a management team.
  • Conducting a year-over-year financial analysis during annual report meetings.
  • Highlighting progress after strategic initiatives, like entering a new market, in a quarterly business review.
  • Using in budgetary planning meetings to discuss areas needing attention based on previous performance data.

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