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RICE Table Presentation - Rice Scoring PPT
from deck RICE Prioritization Score Tables (PPT Template)

This RICE table presentation slide shows the evaluation of a product or service with 5 features. R.I.C.E. stands for Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort. This slide is a regular PowerPoint table design with an embedded Excel Sheet, however, you can also download it in Google Slides and Keynote, without any quality loss of the elements. You can use this presentation to explain the release of new features to your team. As optional features, we have put - improved usability, increased security, teamwork features, advanced reporting, and brand customization; however, since all the shapes are editable, you can write or rewrite as you please, based on your line of work.

Slide infographic description:

Excel Table Sheet, Flat Outline Icons, Ribbon Banners, Table Layout, Rocket Launch Icon, Sheet Icon, Reach Icon, Impact Icon, Thumbs Up Like Icon, Effort Icon, Score Icon, Checklist Sigma Icon

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