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Sales Business Case Executive Summary
from deck Sales Business Case Study Template (PowerPoint graphics)

Sales Business Case Executive Summary

Slide Content

The slide is designed to be an executive summary for a sales business case. It instructs the presenter to write a brief summary that details the challenge faced, the key problems, top objectives, the proposed solution, and a list of the top 3-5 benefits and outcomes. The challenge likely refers to the core issue the business case addresses. Key problems highlight specific issues within the broader challenge. Top objectives describe the main goals the case aims to achieve. The proposed solution is the strategy or action plan to tackle the challenge. Finally, the top benefits and outcomes enumerate the expected positive results from implementing the solution.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient of blue shades giving a professional and clean look.
  • On the left side, there is a vertical navy blue banner with a lighter stripe, adding a touch of visual interest.
  • A circular icon with a document symbol is placed above the title, visually representing a business case or report.
  • The title "Sales Business Case Executive Summary" is in large, bold, white text, distinguishing it as the primary focus.
  • A smaller, navy blue rectangle contains the subheading "XYZ Business Case Summary" in a smaller, bold white font.
  • A placeholder text in bullet-point format instructs the presenter on what to include in the summary, with text in light blue on a white background.
  • There is a semi-transparent image overlaying the right side of the slide, depicting a person working on a laptop, with a notepad and pen, and a glass of water in the background.

The slide has a decidedly corporate aesthetic with its use of sleek, cool colors, and simple graphics to convey a message of efficiency and professionalism.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in business meetings to present a high-level overview of a sales strategy or initiative to executives.
  • It can be used at the beginning of a presentation to set the stage for a deeper dive into the details of a business case.
  • It's suitable for summary reports during strategy sessions, where a concise executive summary is critical for decision-making.
  • The slide can be adapted for investor presentations or board meetings to quickly communicate the essence of a sales-related proposal or performance review.

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