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Segmentation POS Outline Icons – Clusters
from deck Point of Sale Segmentation Strategy (PPT Template)

Segmentation POS Outline Icons – Clusters

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Segmentation POS Outline Icons – Clusters" and introduces a variety of icons that represent different aspects of hierarchy, organization, structure, and connection within a business or organizational context. Each graphic icon symbolizes a concept: human figures linked by lines imply organizational structure; stacked layers suggest hierarchy; the honeycomb pattern illustrates interconnected systems; various clusters denote groups and networking; while other geometric arrangements signify segmentation and connections within a company.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally, with a light area on the left and a dark teal area on the right.
  • The title is displayed in large, bold text at the top.
  • A subheading below the title lists keywords related to the icons, such as "Hierarchy" and "Org Chart."
  • There are nine icons evenly arranged in a grid format, with three icons each in three rows.
  • Each icon is created with simple, clean lines to represent different abstract concepts.
  • The colors of the icons are mainly shades of blue and gray, with one icon highlighted in yellow.
  • On the right side, one icon is encircled and enlarged, demonstrating its editability.
  • A small text box at the bottom right corner says "More graphics available. Check our website" with a URL.

The slide has a clean and minimalist design, with crisp visuals and a balanced color scheme that enhance its professional appearance. The use of contrasting areas draws attention to the icons and their purpose as editable elements for presentations.

Use Cases

  • To visualize organizational structures and relationships during corporate presentations.
  • In training material to explain concepts like segmentation, clustering, and departmental organization.
  • To enhance visual aids in a business strategy meeting, explaining how different units interconnect.
  • While pitching or presenting business models to potential investors, using icons to represent various segments or clusters within the business model.

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