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Segmentation POS Outline Icons – Retail and Customers
from deck Point of Sale Segmentation Strategy (PPT Template)

Segmentation POS Outline Icons – Retail and Customers

Slide Content

The slide appears to present a collection of icons related to retail and customer service. These symbols represent various elements of the retail industry and customer interaction, such as physical and online shopping environments, product and pricing systems, customer support, and geographical localization. The icons suggest a focus on segmentation in the context of Point of Sale (POS) systems.

  • "Shop" likely represents the physical place where transactions occur.
  • "Brick-and-mortar" suggests traditional in-person store locations.
  • "Store" can refer to either a physical or online retail outlet.
  • "Merchandise" is about the goods being offered for sale.
  • "Network" might indicate a system of connected stores or distribution channels.
  • "Product" relates to the items available for purchase.
  • "Box, Price Tag" likely denotes packaging and pricing information.
  • "Label, Pin, Localization" could involve branding, product identification, and geographical positioning of stores or products.
  • "Shopping Bag, Basket, Online, Order" depicts the shopping process, both offline and online.
  • "Cart" symbolizes the selection tool for purchases in online stores.
  • "Client, Customer" are the end-users or purchasers of goods and services.
  • "Target, Persona" might refer to market segmentation and customer profiling.
  • "Customer Care, Support" shows services intended to assist consumers.
  • "Dialogue, Speech Bubble" indicates communication between the retailer and the customer.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, modern design with a white background, divided into two main sections by a diagonal split with shades of dark blue and teal color.
  • On the left side there are two rows of icons, 5 in each row, all outlined in a light gray color.
  • At the bottom of this section, there is a focal icon that is larger and placed in a white circle with a light gray border against a dark blue background.
  • The right side features a more vibrant teal section, announcing that the icons are "Fully editable" with accompanying icons in varying colors.
  • Each icon is a stylized representation of retail and customer service themes, designed with minimalistic and modern lines, making them easily interpretable.
  • The icons use familiar shapes and symbols to represent complex concepts simply, such as a shopping cart for "Cart" and a speech bubble for "Dialogue".
  • There are no additional decorative elements, text boxes, or images, ensuring a focus on the icons themselves.

The overall look of the slide is polished and contemporary, with a strong emphasis on visual communication through icons. The color contrast helps to make the key section stand out, drawing attention to the editable nature of the icons.

Use Cases

  • Utilized in business presentations to discuss retail strategies and customer segmentation.
  • Beneficial for marketing teams to visualize consumer profiles and shopping behaviors.
  • Can serve in training materials for sales staff to recognize various aspects of the retail environment.
  • Useful for e-commerce platform discussions to illustrate various features and functions related to online shopping.

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