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Planning Table, Monthly Year Calendar Marketing Activities
from deck Business PowerPoint Table Design & KPI List, Flat Style (PPT Template)

Planning Table, Monthly Year Calendar Marketing Activities

Slide Content

The slide is structured as a marketing activities planner laid out over a twelve-month period, segmented into four key categories: Advertising Campaigns, Promotion, Sales Support, and New Products. Each category row features icons that indicate planned activities for each month. For example, the Advertising Campaigns category is visualized with a loudspeaker icon, implying outreach or public engagement. The Promotion row uses percentage icons to represent discount or pricing strategies. Sales support appears to utilize a hand giving symbols, perhaps reflecting customer service or assistance activities. Lastly, New Products are marked with box icons, likely signifying product launches or introductions.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is displayed prominently at the top in a large, dark font.
  • A 12 column grid represents each month of the year, with Roman numerals from I to XII.
  • Four colored horizontal banners with corresponding icons indicate different marketing activities (orange for Advertising, turquoise for Promotion, green for Sales Support, blue for New Products).
  • A series of icons within the grid visualizes the specific activities planned for each month across the various marketing categories.
  • The color palette is subdued, using a mix of greys and light blues for the monthly columns, with a white background that enhances the contrast of the colored banners and icons.

The slide is clean and utilizes a minimalistic approach to convey the marketing calendar. The use of color-coding and icons creates an easily interpretable visual guide to the company's annual marketing plan.

Use Cases

  • To present an annual marketing strategy overview in front of stakeholders or team members.
  • In planning meetings, to assign tasks and align marketing efforts with specific timelines.
  • For internal reviews of marketing strategies to ensure alignment with business objectives and as a visual aid in monitoring monthly activities.
  • When pitching a comprehensive marketing plan to potential clients or investors, highlighting the structured timeline of engagements.

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