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TBL Outline Icons Set – Profit

Slide Content

The slide is titled "TBL Outline Icons Set – Profit" and showcases a series of icons representing various business concepts. These include Development (implying growth or progress), Money Flow (indicating financial transactions or liquidity), Return (possibly referring to investment returns), Startup (denoting new business ventures), Launch (symbolizing the initiation of projects), Search (suggesting inquiry or exploration), Data Analysis (meaning examining data for insights), Expansion (implying growth or scaling), External (pointing to outside factors or influences), Internal (referring to internal operations), Growth (indicating an increase in size or value), Process (conveying systematic operations), Decline (denoting a decrease or downward trend), Supply Chain (relating to the flow of goods and services), and Connections (representing networks or relationships).

Graphical Look

  • Slide background is a split composition with the top half white and the bottom edge in dark blue, creating a sharp contrast.
  • A header in bold, dark text at the top left that serves as the title.
  • Subheader text below the main title, listing various business-related concepts.
  • A prominent banner on the top right, with text stating the icons are fully editable.
  • A collection of 12 outline icons, arranged in 3 rows and 4 columns, each depicting different business concepts.
  • Each icon is paired with a label underneath, written in a light gray font.
  • The icons are uniformly styled in thin, light gray lines.
  • One circle icon on the right, emphasized by being colored and encased in a larger blue circle, highlights the availability of more icons.
  • A rectangle at the bottom center with a darker background presents a call-to-action, inviting viewers to check the website for more icons.
  • The design is minimalist and clean, with ample white space around graphical elements to prevent clutter.

The overall look is professional and sleek, utilizing a muted color palette with accents of color to guide the viewer's attention to specific elements.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a visual summary of key business concepts during strategy meetings or workshops.
  • Enhancing training materials with iconography to represent different stages of business processes.
  • Incorporating into pitch decks to visually communicate the value proposition or growth stages of a startup.
  • Adding visual appeal to reports or presentations that require illustration of various business functions or trends.

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