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Top 10 Customers Evaluation Table by Overdue Amount
from deck Debtors Analysis AR Financial Report Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Top 10 Customers Evaluation Table by Overdue Amount

Slide Content

This slide provides a detailed overview of the top 10 customers by financial metrics. It includes data split into categories: Balance, Within Due, Overdue, Overdue Percentage, Due Invoices, and Credit Line. Balance reflects the total amount outstanding, while Within Due indicates amounts not yet past the payment deadline. Overdue encapsulates amounts that have surpassed the due date, and the Overdue Percentage provides a quick metric to assess payment delays. Due Invoices shows the number of invoices still to be paid by the customer, and Credit Line Status Indicator uses colored circles to represent the health of customers' credit lines.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a large, bold title in blue at the top.
  • Subtitle text beneath the title provides additional context about the data presented.
  • Five column headers are displayed, each with a unique icon representing the data type (e.g., stack of coins for Balance).
  • A table layout is used to organize the data, with rows for each customer and separate columns for each financial metric.
  • Alternating row colors (white and a light shade of blue) enhance readability.
  • The Overdue Percentage is shown with a dark blue background to emphasize its importance.
  • Traffic light-style indicators depict the Credit Line status with red, yellow, and green dots.
  • Dark blue dashed lines separate the customer entries, while a darker blue solid line highlights the total row at the bottom.

The overall look is professional and clean, with a clear focus on data presentation. Visual aids like icons and color-coded indicators enhance comprehension and quick analysis.

Use Cases

  • To present financial health reviews in business meetings or review sessions with management.
  • For financial reporting to stakeholders, illustrating customer payment behaviors and potential risks.
  • During credit and risk assessment meetings to visually show the status of top customers' creditworthiness.
  • As part of strategic planning or sales meetings to prioritize customer engagements and follow ups based on payment reliability.

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