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Top 10 Customers Report by Overdue Amount
from deck Debtors Analysis AR Financial Report Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Top 10 Customers Report by Overdue Amount

Slide Content

The slide titled "Top 10 Customers Report by Overdue Amount" presents a table format intended for managing and reviewing the debt status of customers. The table is subdivided into four columns where the first shows a list of the top ten customers ranked by the overdue amount owed, which is displayed in the second column. The third and fourth columns are spaces for adding comments and action plans, respectively, offering placeholders for a detailed analysis of each customer's debt situation and subsequent steps for resolution.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is composed of a large header in bold, dark blue text against a white background.
  • A subtitle in smaller font size is situated below the header, providing additional context for the slide's purpose.
  • The main content is displayed within a four-column table with alternating blue and red header colors.
  • Each header in the table has an iconic representation: customer identification tag icon for "Customer," speech bubbles for "Comments," and a clipboard for "Action Plan."
  • The rows for customers are visibly delineated with dashed horizontal lines.
  • The amounts are aligned to the right, and comment/action plan areas are centered within their respective columns.
  • There is a total row at the bottom with a bold blue background contrasting against the white text.

The slide uses a combination of blue and red color blocks for its column headers, which adds to its visually clean and structured look. It employs simple icons to represent different columns which aid in quickly identifying the purpose of each column.

Use Cases

  • In financial review meetings to discuss outstanding receivables and prioritize collections efforts.
  • During strategic planning sessions to identify key accounts that require immediate attention.
  • In discussions with a sales or customer service team to formulate tailored communication strategies for customers with significant overdue amounts.
  • For a progress report to management or stakeholders detailing the status of top debtors and proposed action items for debt recovery.

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