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Train Infographics Icons Set – Problem & Solution
from deck Train Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint Template)

Train Infographics Icons Set – Problem & Solution

Slide Content: The slide presents a collection of icons themed around problem-solving and solutions in a train-like infographic format. Each icon is paired with a specific concept: "Attention" corresponds to an exclamation mark, suggesting the need for alertness or caution. "Define the Problem" is associated with a stack of blocks, indicating the step to understand and outline the issue. "Fishbone" represents a diagram tool for root cause analysis. "Skeleton, Root of the Problem" implies getting to the underlying systemic issues. "Alternative Solution" denotes considering different options with a gear and check mark. "Select" parallels choosing an option with an arrow pointing at a figure. "Fit" portrays fitting the chosen solution to the problem with puzzle pieces. "Implement" signifies putting the solution into action with arrows indicating forward movement. "Outcome" is connected to a plus symbol, while "Lack Of" uses a minus symbol, both reflecting the results of the problem-solving process. "Growth" and "Exceed" employ the fishbone icon with increasing sizes to suggest development and surpassing targets.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is divided, with the top portion in white and the lower portion in dark teal.
  • A light blue banner runs vertically along the left-hand side.
  • Each icon, outlined in light grey, is accompanied by text beneath it, describing its corresponding concept.
  • Icons and text are evenly spaced in two rows across the white section of the slide.
  • The dark teal section at the bottom features a series of the fishbone icons in a gradient of colors from white to green.
  • In the center of this dark section, there's a highlighted circular shape displaying a single fishbone icon in blue.
  • On the right-hand side of the slide, a section is angled down with bold white text stating "Fully editable icons" against a dark teal backdrop.

The overall look of the slide is clean and unclutter ed, using a minimalistic style that relies on simple line icons and contrasting colors to distinguish between text and graphic elements. The use of color gradients adds visual interest without overwhelming the content.

Use Cases:

  • To illustrate steps in problem-solving and decision-making processes during workshops or training sessions.
  • For presenting a sequence of actions or concepts in business strategy or project management presentations.
  • To enhance visual engagement in reports or proposal documents where clear communication of problem and solution phases is crucial.
  • As a slide template in educational materials to explain analytical frameworks or process flows.

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