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Triple Bottom Line Euler Diagram

This PowerPoint slide visually illustrates the concept of the triple bottom line (TBL), a business framework that emphasizes social, environmental, and economic sustainability. The slide effectively conveys the interconnectedness of these three pillars of sustainability, emphasizing that a truly successful business must consider all three aspects. This infographic-style slide can be incorporated into presentations related to corporate social responsibility, sustainable business practices, and ethical decision-making. It serves as a valuable tool for educating stakeholders about the importance of balancing profit with social and environmental considerations.

What Does This Triple Bottom Line Euler Diagram Include?

  • A central diagram representing the overall concept of sustainability
  • Three overlapping circles in green, orange and turquoise representing the three pillars of the triple bottom line: People (Social Performance), Planet (Environmental Performance), Profit (Economic Performance)
  • Outline icons of people, group, team, environment, care, protection, money, profit, sustainability
  • Text labels for each pillar and the overall concept of sustainability

This Triple Bottom Line Euler Diagram is a part of our Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Strategy PPT Template.

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