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Triple Bottom Line: Purpose of 21st Century Business

This PowerPoint quote slide highlights the significance of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) concept in modern business practices. It emphasizes that TBL is not merely an accounting tool but a broader framework for evaluating a company's overall impact. The slide is ideal for presentations related to corporate social responsibility, sustainability initiatives, and ethical business practices.

What Does This Triple Bottom Line Slide Include?

  • A striking background image depicting a flourishing tree with vibrant green leaves held by human hands, symbolizing growth and sustainability
  • A thought-provoking quote by John Elkington, the creator of the TBL concept, emphasizing that TBL goes beyond mere accounting and encourages deeper reflection on capitalism's future
  • An outline icon of a quote sign

This Triple Bottom Line Slide is a part of our Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Strategy PPT Template.

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