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Example of the UK and Ireland maps with hand-drawn routes
from deck British Isles Map UK Ireland with Counties (PPT editable)

Hand drawn routes UK & Ireland illustration example

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide entitled "Hand drawn routes UK & Ireland illustration example" seems to be showcasing routes or connections between various points marked as A, B, and C across the UK and Ireland. Different types of lines—solid, dashed, and dotted—represent these routes, possibly indicating alternate paths or different stages of travel. Markers A, B, and C could imply key locations or stops along these routes, while the colors may signify different regions or priorities.

Graphical Look

  • Two maps depicting the UK and Ireland, side by side, with one appearing fainter and the other more prominent.
  • Bold, uppercase slide title in large font centered at the top.
  • A teal rectangle containing the text "Fully Editable" coupled with a pointer arrow on the right side.
  • Outlined location markers labeled A, B, and C with colors purple, green, and orange respectively.
  • Different types of lines (solid, dashed, dotted) in matching colors to the location markers, indicating routes between points.
  • A shadow effect under some location markers giving depth to the imagery.
  • Each map contains watermarked logos which are not part of the slide's intrinsic content.

The slide has a clean, professional look with a creative flair due to the hand-drawn style of the routes. The choice of colors is vibrant yet not overwhelming, with clear differentiation between the illustrated routes.

Use Cases

  • Explaining logistical routes or travel itineraries in a visual format during business presentations.
  • Demonstrating networking strategies or connections between different regional offices.
  • Using as part of a geographic market analysis to highlight areas of focus or expansion.
  • Presenting transport or delivery planning across different areas in a visual and accessible manner.

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