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Variations: Orange Header and Total Row Focus Table Design
from deck Creative Tables Graphics (PPT template)

Variations: Orange Header and Total Row Focus Table Design

Slide Content: This PowerPoint slide presents a table designed to compare numerical data across four categories, labeled as Header 1 through Header 4. It's structured to draw attention to the totals of each category, highlighted in orange at the bottom row. Each row above the total is for a different item or variable, which can be detailed by inserting a header description, with the numeric values extending from left to right in the corresponding columns. An "Important Note" section is placed to the right of the table, emphasizing additional information that may complement the data presented.

Graphical Look:

  • A large blue ribbon shape in the upper left corner, partially off-canvas, with a cut corner design.
  • The title of the slide in dark text on a light background, alongside the blue ribbon shape.
  • An icon resembling coins stacked with a number "1" in a golden square box with a soft shadow, positioned in the upper left corner below the title.
  • Four column headers in gold/orange, each with white text.
  • A set of six rows, alternating in shading, with placeholder text in the first column for headers and numerical values in the following columns.
  • The bottom row is highlighted in orange, labeled as 'Total', providing a sum for each column.
  • To the right of the table is a stylized, curved purple line, emphasizing the "Important Note" section, with the text in white.
  • The slide's background is a gradient from pale blue to white.
  • A footer with the URL "" in dark text on a light background.

The slide has a professional, clear layout, with strong visual cues directing attention to the total row and important note section. The use of color is strategic and enhances the readability of data.

Use Cases:

  • Presenting financial summaries during corporate meetings.
  • Comparing quarterly results in a business performance review.
  • Highlighting key metrics in a sales presentation to- Showcase growth or target achievement.
  • Visualizing budget allocations or expense reports during a financial planning session.

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