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Example of the Welsh council areas with description
from deck British Isles Map UK Ireland with Counties (PPT editable)

Welsh Council Areas with Description

Slide Content

The slide presents information about Welsh Council Areas, specifically mentioning the count of areas as 22 and prompting the presenter to elaborate with their own description. It seems designed to provide a visual overview of a geographical region, in this case, Wales, allowing for a specific area to be highlighted and described in detail. The mention of "22" suggests there may be a predefined list of council areas or administrative divisions within Wales that the presentation is addressing.

Graphical Look

  • A large map of Wales dominating the left side of the slide with visible regional borders.
  • A purple pinpoint icon is centrally placed over a specific area on the map, drawing attention to it.
  • The right side contains a vertical text box with two separate text areas.
  • A teal vertical line separates the map from the text box on the right side.
  • Text box has a header stating "Number of areas: 22" in bold, followed by a lighter text prompting to "Write your own description here...".
  • Background is a plain white canvas, providing a clean look that isolates the map and text elements for focus.

The slide has a clean and professional appearance, utilizing a simple color palette focused around teal and purple to highlight key areas. The design is straightforward with a clear division between the graphical representation of Wales and the accompanying descriptive text.

Use Cases

  • To present regional data or statistics for each council area during municipal or governmental meetings.
  • For educational purposes, to teach about Welsh geography and administrative divisions.
  • In tourism-related presentations to highlight specific areas of interest within Wales.
  • To showcase regional development plans or proposals in business or community planning sessions.

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