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white world dark background map editable icon powerpoint
from deck Location and House Logistics symbols (PPT clipart)

Icons: World Map (white bitmap on dark background)

Slide Content

The slide is designed to present a simplified world map, possibly to highlight global reach, international relations or data distribution. A "white bitmap on dark background" is utilized to make the representation clearly visible and enhance the contrast between the continents and oceans. This kind of design can be beneficial for pointing out specific regions or countries without unnecessary detail to distract the viewer.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark blue background that fades to black at the bottom.
  • A white silhouette of the world map dominates the central part of the slide.
  • The continents are shown in a simplified manner, omitting country borders for a cleaner look.
  • The projection of the map is a conventional rectangular (Mercator or similar) projection.
  • Shadows appear beneath the continents, giving a slight 3D effect to the map.

The overall look is clean and modern, with high contrast between the map and the background. The map's simplicity focuses attention on the geographic regions without complications from additional details.

Use Cases

  • To highlight global presence or international reach of a company.
  • To point out locations where a company has offices, partners, or customers.
  • In educational settings to provide a geographic context for various topics.
  • As a backdrop for discussing global issues such as climate change, international trade, or epidemiology.

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