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Year Calendar Template for Engaged Citizen
from deck Actions Template Against Climate Change (PPT presentation)

Year Calendar Template for Engaged Citizen

Slide Content

The slide is a "Year Calendar Template for Engaged Citizen," specifically designed for planning actions against climate change across 12 months. January suggests "Do a political research" and "Select promising candidates," emphasizing the importance of political awareness and advocacy. February is about communication, encouraging individuals to "Write emails to candidates" and "Write letters to candidates," promoting direct engagement with political figures. March offers a more community-focused approach with "Set up a political group on social media" and "Join political meetings in the town hall," advocating for the creation of shared platforms for discussion and participation in local government.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large, bold title at the top in dark text.
  • There is a subtitle below the title in a smaller font providing context for the use of the slide.
  • The central feature is a stylized representation of a calendar year with each month in its own colored rounded rectangular shape.
  • Each month's box is colored in a shade of blue, with text slots for individual actions or notes.
  • January, February, and March have sample texts, while the remaining months have placeholder text "... your text here."
  • The center of the slide features a large graphic circle with a year designation "20XX" and a pictogram of hands cradling a plant, symbolizing care for the environment.
  • The color scheme is mainly a mix of blues, with a contrasting orange used for the year designation and circular background graphic.

The overall look of the slide is clean, with a modern and professional design. The contrast between the blue month boxes and the central orange graphic draws the viewer's attention to the circular year designation and the environmental pictogram.

Use Cases

  • To outline an annual strategy for environmental activism and community engagement.
  • As part of a presentation for a nonprofit organization or community group focusing on climate action plans.
  • During a workshop or seminar to assign tasks and plan initiatives month -by-month among engaged citizens or volunteers.
  • For personal use to track and schedule individual contributions to climate change advocacy efforts throughout the year.

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