Hand Drawn Styles

Hand drawn like shapes and icons for PowerPoint. The graphics is vector based editable shape, so you can change it's color, size, position.

Other Style

Other styles or rather a watercolor. This is our experiment to make slides soft and nice like watercolor paintings. See more examples how you can refresh old boring presentations just by applying watercolor fillings to existing shapes.

Pencil Style

One more set with hand drawn lines. Please take a look at zoom view how realistic shapes are even after resizing them. Iza put a lot of attention to details to make this clip arts exactly same as you would draw it on the paper. You can resize them and edges will remain sharp. This is thanks to vector format of this images.

Charcoal Style

This is uniquely prepared designs by Iza from TulipDesign. They perfectly imitate real charcoal on paper. An extra add-on is that they are editable in PowerPoint and do not have to be black! You can use them just to mark important parts of slides or go for complete charcoal style presentations with diagrams, processes flow and arrows.

Formal Style

In this sub category, you will find slide decks which will be a good fit to professional presentations.

Ink Scribble Style

This is a different style of handwritten doodle shapes. This set was created using ink lines. They are sharper. Of course, these are also fully editable in PowerPoint. You will have no problem to apply you corporate styles and color palette. At the same time, you will keep your presentation unique.