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Hand Drawn Styles

Creative PPT Templates with Hand Drawn Graphics - Watercolor shapes, Vector Format Icons, Scribble Symbols, Sketchnoting Images for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Want your presentations to stand out among the monotonous sea of default PPT graphics and flat styles? Require an effective way to spruce up your slides, even if you don't consider yourself creative? These PowerPoint templates, shapes, and icons come in a hand-drawn style. You can use these designs if you'd like to have a bit more charm & soul in your presentation; giving it some personality. They're also useful for emphasizing certain details and points. For example, you might use a scribble light bulb illustration to emphasize a point on ideation, a hand-drawn marker to highlight your key points, or a team of people represented by scribble people figures. This library of diagrams & icons also has a range of substyles such as sketches, scribbles, and doodles, so you can choose a style that suits you.

The graphics are vector based editable shapes, so you can change elements such as color, text, position, and resize without loss of image quality etc.

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