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Managing Partner Presentation Toolbox

Role of a Company Managing Partner Position

“With great power comes great responsibility” - Managing Partners are not only responsible for making the key decisions and strategic planning in a company but also for working closely with other partners and effective goal setting and performance of their teams.

Resolving problems and creating opportunities such as global marketing, maintaining long-term business relations with strategic clients, negotiating contracts, leading meetings and motivating their team requires from the Managing Partner great planning and communication skills.

Effective Presentations Suggestions for a Managing Partner

What we can help you with is presenting your ideas in an engaging and clear manner. You can use our predefined PPT templates, but also feel free to edit them easily to suit your needs. We have a great variety of decks that can increase your productivity even more:
  • a selection of Calendars that will clearly show your schedule and present your progress in an interesting way,
  • Roadmaps to visualize your project’s goals, milestones and results, e.g. on a timeline,
  • Review Meeting templates, which can help you with organizing effective meetings, drawing attention to the most important points, and summarising key findings,
  • Maps, which can be an invaluable tool for presenting, e.g. company strategies which involve projects and company branches in other countries when you want your audience to see a bigger picture,
  • Plan, manage and demonstrate your business strategies about the company’s mission, values, your new developments, opportunities and other subjects of your choice in a visually interesting and digestible form,
  • Illustrating your firm’s vision and mission to inspire your team and make a positive impact on your key clients.
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