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Research Presentations

Research and Development PowerPoint Graphics and Templates

Work focus of Research Professionals

Conducting research, developing and managing the organization’s R&D processes are responsibilities of research professionals in a company or a non-commercial institution. Alongside initiating and overseeing the research work itself, there’s quite some organizational work overhead, as R&D managers also recruit & supervise the researchers, create well-structured reports, collaborate with the team members, and manage the relationships with the stakeholders.

Role of visual presentations in R&D

Important part of research activities is the presentation of findings and R&D project management. Although the detailed and systematic nature of conducting research is a big challenge, sharing findings with the team members or stakeholders can sometimes prove to be a harder task to handle. Especially if you are presenting your findings to audiences with different knowledge levels.

For presenting research activity at meetings and conferences, PowerPoint presentations are a widely used format. It offers the versatility to easily include research data in the form of Excel tables or charts and also add presentation of generic concepts next to it, such as experiment process description or problem analysis.

Choose a medium of communication supported by visuals if you want your audience to seamlessly follow your data!

Get a professional presentation template or a slide collection you can use for your various reports and meetings. This will drastically improve how you present your data and will save you a lot of time during the process.

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