Pencil Sketch Symbols BUNDLE: sales +finance +shapes (PPT icons)


180 icons & shapes (55 slides)

Package description

Graphical elements for PowerPoint: pencil sketch symbols for sales and finance + general symbols + banners

  • 31 pictograms: arrows, stars, exclamation, quotation...
  • 45 sketch shapes of banners, ribbons, bookmarks
  • 7 highlighting markers
  • 44 basic diagram shapes
  • 21 sale and discounts symbols
  • 32 finance & currency symbols
  • fully editable colors & size in PowerPoint (vector format)

Handwritten symbols (manually sketched by pencil) for sales, finance and general use
Handwritten-like icons and cliparts for enhancing PowerPoint presentations
  • to illustrate slides by adding pictograms of different role figures
  • to create schemas, diagrams and process views
Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • changing filling and contour colors of the icon
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.

Package content - symbols:

  • general symbols pictograms sketched by pencil: quotation mark, exclamation and question mark, star, bracket, stars, plus, minus sign
  • arrows handwritten by pencil
  • highlighting markers as dense pencil scribble filling
  • basic diagram shapes: rectangles, ovals, frame marks, triangles
  • sale symbols: bag, doodled by pencil: discount numbers, "off", "up to", "sale" titles
  • finance symbols: calculator, counter, pie chart, trend up/down chart, newspaper
  • currencies symbols (dollar sign, yen sign, GBP pound, euro sign, Polish zloty sign), trend charts, counter, newspaper, umbrella, pie chart, golden bricks, credit card, purse, coin, banknote, safe vault, piggy bank, pouch
  • Banners for shorter and longer texts - outline and with plain blue retro filling
  • Straight and slightly curved banners
  • Double sided stripe banner ribbons - outline and with plain blue retro filling
  • Banners for numbering (1,2,3 ..., A, B, C ...) - outline and with plain blue retro filling
  • Color variations of banners - light blue, green gradient, red
  • Bookmark shapes, vertical and horizontal - transparent pencil outline and with plain blue retro filling
  • Circle badge banner - transparent handdrawn outline and with filling
  • Comment placeholder labels (cloud, rectangle), both transparent handdrawn outline and with filling
  • Guide how to create own labels for comment placeholders (combine rectangle and corner triangle)
  • Handwritten rectangle shapes for PowerPoint placeholder
  • Handcrafted frames curly brackets
  • Sketch banners pencil outline ribbon for slide titles
  • Agenda in retro style example
  • Retro World Map banner example, showing trip routes
  • Blackboard doodle numbering example
  • Blackboard World Map with white banner
  • Recommended Fonts for handdrawn style

Recommended fonts fitting into banners handdrawn style (not included in the package):
  • KG Hard Candy Striped
  • KG Second Chances
Fonts are designed by Kimberly Geswein.

You can get these fonts here:


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