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4 Segments Matrix Array Template

Slide Content

The slide is designed to present a matrix array in a 2 x 2 format, demonstrating a quadrant segmentation with associated icons. It breaks down categories along two dimensions, labeled as Dimension X and Dimension Y, with each quadrant containing a placeholder text and a unique icon symbolizing a specific type of segment: Segment A has a lightbulb icon, Segment B a star, Segment C a trophy, and Segment D a shopping cart. These icons suggest a focus on ideas or innovation (lightbulb), success or quality (star), competition or achievement (trophy), and commerce or consumer behavior (shopping cart).

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a blue gradient dividing line creating a clear distinction between the header and the content.
  • There is a large, bold title text at the top of the slide, using a dark font color that is easy to read against the background.
  • The title is followed by a subtitle that explains the icons present in each quadrant.
  • The slide is divided into four quadrants, each with a different light color—green, blue, yellow, and teal.
  • In the center of each quadrant is a colored icon: a green star, a blue trophy, a yellow lightbulb, and a teal shopping cart.
  • On the right and top edges are labels "Dimension Y" and "Dimension X" respectively, oriented perpendicularly to the text in the other quadrants.
  • Each quadrant features a placeholder text box with instructions for customizing the content.
  • The text within the placeholders is in a lighter color, suggesting it is editable and meant to be replaced.

The overall layout is clean and professional, using a straightforward design that aids in the illustration of the conceptual framework with distinct visual elements.

Use Cases

  • To segment a market into four key categories during a marketing strategy presentation.
  • To analyze organizational roles or competencies during a business management meeting.
  • To categorize and discuss different types of products or services in a product development workshop.
  • To facilitate discussion around strategic placement of business units or teams based on performance metrics during a corporate strategy session.

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