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Business Case Study Agenda Structure
from deck Sales Business Case Study Template (PowerPoint graphics)

Business Case Study Agenda Structure

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide outlines the components of a business case study's agenda structure, beginning with identifying the problem and moving through analysis, proposal, and implementation towards a solution and outcome. It includes a "Problem Statement" to define the issue, "Case Background" to provide context, "Current Processes" to understand existing workflows, "Gap Analysis" to identify improvements, "Solution Proposal" for suggested changes, "Alternatives Comparison" to assess different options, "Solution Description" to detail the selected strategy, and then follows with "Outcomes & KPIs" to measure success, "Implementation Plan" to put the solution into action, and an "Executive Summary" to encapsulate the entire case. Lastly, it includes "Icons and Graphics" for enhancing the exploration of the business case during presentations.

Graphical Look

  • The title of the slide is prominently displayed at the top in large bold blue text.
  • To the left, a vertical light gray banner contains a bulleted list of agenda items, each followed by a short explanation if necessary.
  • Each bullet point is colored in dark blue, matching the theme of the title.
  • An icon resembling a flip chart or presentation board is shown inside a large blue circle, which corresponds to the last bullet point about icons and graphics.
  • On the right side of the slide, two elongated oval shapes representing process steps are illustrated, colored in red and green, labeled "Business Problem" and "Solution & Outcome," respectively.
  • Between these two ovals, four rounded rectangles in shades of yellow serve as connections, forming a vertical timeline or process flow chart.
  • Each of these process shapes is connected with a thin gray line, suggesting a step-by-step progression from problem to solution.

The slide has a clean and professional appearance with a color scheme primarily using blue, red, yellow, and gray, which effectively highlights different sections and makes the information clear and accessible. The use of distinct shapes and colors for the process steps provides an easy-to-follow visual guide through the business case study.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the structure of a case study during a business meeting to ensure all attendees are aware of the agenda.
  • Providing an educational resource for new employees or students learning about business analysis and case study methodology.
  • Using as a template for organizing content when compiling a written or digital business case study document.
  • Serving as a guideline for project managers and business analysts when preparing for case study presentations to stakeholders or clients.

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