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Customers and Conscious Consumerism
from deck Social Sustainability Report ESG Presentation (PPT Template)

Customers and Conscious Consumerism

Slide Content

The slide presents four key areas related to "Customers and Conscious Consumerism": Data Protection & Privacy, Circular & Sustainable Consumption, Healthy Lifestyle Promotion, and Shopping Formats. Each area includes a title, a short description, and bullet-pointed details. Data Protection & Privacy encompasses processing personal information and monitoring data breaches. Circular & Sustainable Consumption involves research and development of sustainable products. Healthy Lifestyle Promotion is about creating a movement for better living and providing accurate information. Lastly, Shopping Formats cover circular solutions and buy-back and leasing programs.

Graphical Look

  • Four distinct columns each with a different heading and associated icon.
  • Each column has a unique main color with a lighter shade for the icon background.
  • The headings are in bold and capitalized fonts for emphasis.
  • Icons at the top of each column visually represent the themes: a cloud with a lock (Data Protection & Privacy), arrows forming a loop (Circular & Sustainable Consumption), a cross plus sign (Healthy Lifestyle Promotion), and a shopping cart (Shopping Formats).
  • Bullet points under each section provide additional specific details.
  • Horizontal lines separate the heading from the description and bullet points in each column.

The slide design is clean and uses color coding to differentiate between the topics. Icons are simple and effectively illustrate the accompanying text.

Use Cases

  • In a corporate presentation focusing on company values and consumer relations.
  • During a strategy meeting discussing improvements to company practices in the context of social responsibility.
  • At a marketing event to highlight product features that align with conscious consumerism.
  • In an educational setting where business or environmental studies are being discussed, to showcase examples of conscious consumer practices.

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