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Direction and distance arrows illustrated with handdrawn and ink style
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Icons: Direction and Distance Arrows (hand-drawn ink style)

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is titled "Icons: Direction and Distance Arrows (hand-drawn ink style)" and showcases a collection of arrow icons in various designs and orientations, implying versatility and the capability to depict different pathways or processes. Each arrow demonstrates a concept: straight arrows for direct paths, curved arrows for changes in direction, dashed lines for intermittent or less concrete paths, and arrows pointing opposite directions for choices or conflict.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a plain, light color.
  • A variety of two-dimensional arrow icons are presented in three rows and two columns.
  • These arrows are designed to have a hand-drawn, ink-like appearance.
  • Each arrow varies in style, with some being solid lines, others dashed, and a few with dual-headed arrows.
  • Arrows are in different orientations - horizontal, vertical, and curved.
  • The colors of the arrows include black, purple, yellow, green, and teal.
  • There is a caption box in the upper left corner with the text "Fully Editable" and an associated teal tag.
  • The slide has a clean and minimalistic design, using white space effectively.

The slide has a creative and informal aesthetic due to the hand-drawn appearance of the icons. The composition's variety in arrow styles and directions provides a flexible visual toolkit for presenting different concepts related to movement, flow, or direction.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating the flow of a process or workflow in a business presentation.
  • Demonstrating different paths or strategies in a project management plan.
  • Emphasizing the direction of progress or change in a company roadmap.
  • Visualizing decision points and diverging choices in a marketing strategy.

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