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Editing Outline Icons in PowerPoint
from deck Gap Analysis Types and Tools Presentation (PPT Template)

Editing Outline Icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The slide is about best practices for editing outline icons in PowerPoint. It provides guidance on what to "Do" and what "Don't" to preserve the clarity and effectiveness of icons. Specifically, it suggests that users can change the outline color of icons easily to match their slide's design theme. "Do" refers to the best practice of changing color or thickness of the icon outline to suit presentation needs, allowing for customizability and visual appeal. In contrast, "Don't" involves two warnings: Not to give outline icons a color fill, as it can compromise their visibility, and to avoid using too thick lines when adjusting icon weight, which can make the icon unreadable.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a white background with a split content layout.
  • The title is bold and located at the top of the slide in a large font size.
  • Two 3D-effect banners labeled "Do" and "Don't" are colored in teal and red, respectively, and parallel to each other horizontally across the slide.
  • There are four sets of magnifying glass icons, two under the "Do" side, illustrating the outlined icon with variations in color and line weight.
  • Two icons under the "Don't" side show improper adjustments, one filled with color and the other with excessively thick outlines.
  • Descriptive text accompanies each pair of icons, highlighting the suggested action or mistake.
  • The icons and text are aligned symmetrically with a balance of white space around them.

The slide presents a clean and modern aesthetic with clear visual separation between recommended actions and common mistakes. The use of contrasting colors and straightforward iconography aids in quickly conveying the message.

Use Cases

  • During a workshop or training session on effective PowerPoint graphic design, to teach participants how to properly customize icons.
  • In a style guide presentation for a company‚Äôs marketing department, ensuring brand consistency across presentations.
  • When onboarding new employees who will be involved in creating or editing presentations, to set clear design standards.
  • In a conference or webinar about visual best practices in presentation design, to emphasize the importance of icon clarity.

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