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 Example of the Goods symbols: Beverages, Vine, Glass, Barrel
from deck All Hand Drawn Icons and Diagram Shapes (PPT graphics Mega-Bundle)

Goods: Beverages, Vine, Glass, Barrel

Slide Content

The slide appears to be related to items associated with beverages, specifically focusing on wine. It features a collection of five hand-drawn icons: a wine bottle, representing wine storage or varieties; a stemmed wine glass, typically used for serving white wine; a martini glass, used for cocktails; a barrel, indicating aging or storage of wines; and another two wine glass icons, one enclosed in a circle, perhaps highlighting a particular type or feature, and the other possibly representing red wine due to its wider bowl design.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, uncluttered design with a white background.
  • At the top, the title is in a bold, grey font.
  • A teal-colored banner runs across the top-right corner with the text "Fully editable" written in white.
  • There are five colorful icons: a wine bottle, two different styles of wine glasses, a cocktail glass, and a barrel, all drawn with a sketchy, hand-drawn aesthetic.
  • The icons are arranged in a horizontal line and are similarly sized, offering a uniform visual flow.
  • Each icon features two colors: a primary orange-yellow shade with grey accents, providing a light and simple aesthetic.
  • The slide utilizes drop shadows behind the icons to give a slight three-dimensional effect and enhance visibility.
  • There is an encompassing circle behind one of the glass icons, distinguishing it from the others.

The overall look of the slide is modern and minimalist, with a playful yet professional touch due to the hand-drawn icon style. The color scheme is limited and cohesive, contributing to the slide's visual appeal.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the range of products for a wine or beverage company during a marketing meeting or to potential distributors.
  • Illustrating different wine-related items in an educational presentation about wine tasting, production, or service.
  • Using it in a business proposal or investor pitch for a startup in the beverage sector.
  • Employing the slide during trade shows or exhibits to visually communicate the types of goods a company specializes in.

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