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Horizontal timeline illustrated with hand drawn icons
from deck All Hand Drawn Icons and Diagram Shapes (PPT graphics Mega-Bundle)

Slide Title

Slide Content

The slide presents a horizontal timeline with five circular icons interconnected by a line with nodes. Each icon represents a step or action, and they include a mobile phone, a laptop, a heart, a thumbs up, and a cloud, indicating a progression of concepts or processes like technology adoption, user engagement, approval, and cloud computing. Below each icon is a placeholder for "Sample text," suggesting a brief description or title can be added to clarify the step or concept each symbol represents.

Graphical Look

  • Five circular icons with a diagonal stripe pattern, contained within circular borders.
  • Each icon is linked by a horizontal line with nodes that have a gear-like appearance, suggesting a connected process or sequence.
  • Icons represent: a smartphone, a computing device or laptop, a heart symbol, a thumbs-up, and a cloud, likely signifying different concepts or stages.
  • The "Sample text" placeholders are neatly positioned below each icon for further explanation.
  • The background is a pale grey with a hint of gradient, adding depth to the slide visually.

The slide sports a clean and modern design with a simple color palette, facilitating easy comprehension of the sequence. The use of universally recognizable icons aids quick interpretation of the subject matter.

Use Cases

  • Outlining the steps in a product development or customer journey.
  • Visualizing a company's engagement strategy and customer feedback sequence.
  • Presenting a sequence of technological integrations in a project timeline.
  • Demonstrating the progression of service stages in an IT cloud migration or software adoption process.

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