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Identification of 4 Key B2B Customer Segments Characteristics
from deck B2B Customer Segmentation Models Presentation (PPT Template)

Identification of 4 Key B2B Customer Segments Characteristics

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is designed to present the characteristics of four key B2B (Business to Business) customer segments, focusing on strategic prioritization across Revenue, Brand Contribution, Profit, and Growth Potential. Each segment is accompanied by bullet points for additional descriptions. Revenue emphasizes financial income, Brand Contribution refers to how customers impact brand perception, Profit signifies the financial gains after expenses, and Growth Potential highlights possibilities for future expansion.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a central light gray circle and four arrows pointing to four different colored rectangular shapes.
  • Each colored rectangle represents a key B2B customer segment characteristic with corresponding icons in white: Revenue (orange with dollar sign and arrows), Brand Contribution (blue with a hand and tick mark), Profit (teal with a bag of money and percentage symbol), and Growth Potential (green with a globe and upward arrow).
  • Each rectangle contains a title in bold, denoting the characteristic it represents, positioned at the bottom of the shape.
  • Bullet points for text descriptions are placed next to each icon, indicating where additional information about each segment should be entered.
  • The arrows connecting the central circle to each rectangle visually suggest associations between the different characteristics and the center concept.

The PowerPoint slide presents a visually balanced composition dominated by geometric shapes and business icons. The colors are vivid and create a clear distinction between the various customer segment characteristics.

Use Cases

  • To present company strategies in a business meeting focused on customer segment priorities.
  • To explain market segmentation in a sales or marketing workshop.
  • As part of a business plan or pitch deck illustrating the profitability and potential of different customer groups.
  • To facilitate group discussions or brainstorming sessions on how to optimize and target business resources efficiently across different customer bases.

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