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Marketspace Arc Segmentation Template
from deck Quadrant Matrix Diagrams and Market Segmentation Charts (PPT Template)

Marketspace Arc Segmentation Template

Slide Content

The slide introduces a "Marketspace Arc Segmentation Template,” highlighting a Wave 4 Quadrant Matrix with descriptions for 4 segment areas. Each area on the matrix represents a different segment (A, B, C, D), potentially signifying varying levels of two metrics, Dimension X and Dimension Y, where segments can be categorized as strong or weak. Users can edit the descriptive text provided for each segment, allowing customization to fit specific market analysis needs. This is ideal for visualizing market segments based on two distinct dimensions or factors.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is light grey with a subtle gradient.
  • A large arc diagram dominates the slide, creating a visual structure to categorize items within four quadrants.
  • Each quadrant has a designated area for a "Segment name" placeholder, highlighted in different colors (green, blue, red, and yellow).
  • There are four labeled grayish arcs that serve as the quadrants' boundaries with labels "Dimension Y" and "Dimension X" defining the axis.
  • The axes are labeled with the words "Strong" at the top for Dimension Y and "Weak" at the bottom indicating the scale measurement.
  • On the right side, there is space for text with pre-written placeholder content.
  • Each text placeholder is associated with an icon: a star, a shopping cart, a question mark, and a person silhouette, correlating to the segment descriptions.
  • Horizontally across the top, segment labels "Segment D" through "Segment A" exist, from left to right.

The overall look of the slide is clean and corporate, with a mix of visual elements and text that allow for a comprehensive segmentation analysis. The use of color and icons adds to the visual appeal and aids in communicating concepts quickly and effectively.

Use Cases

  • To segment a market into different categories based on two parameters, like user engagement levels and product usage frequency.
  • For presenting strategic business planning to highlight the prioritization or focus areas towards different consumer segments.
  • In marketing presentations, to communicate the targeting strategies for various customer groups defined by behavior or needs.
  • During management meetings to discuss resource allocation or investment among different segments in a product portfolio or service offerings.

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