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Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled 'Outcomes' focuses on various elements such as Deliverable, Result, Product, Conclusion, Follow-up, Effect, End Product, Finish, Success, and Concept Icons. These terms suggest different stages or objectives in a project or business strategy. Each term is likely accompanied by a corresponding icon that visually represents the concept, providing a quick reference for viewers to connect the ideas with visual cues.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is predominantly white with a section at the top having a light blue gradient.
  • There are two rows of icons, with a total of eight icons, evenly distributed in both rows.
  • Each icon is paired with a text placeholder that is left blank on this slide.
  • The icons are minimalist and outlined in a light blue color, matching with the top section's gradient.
  • On the right side, there are two large circular icons—one with a darker blue background and the other with a green background—connected by a vertical line, symbolizing a process or a transition.
  • The larger icons are more prominent and contain a white symbol inside that repeats the motif of the small icons—a set of arrows indicating motion or change.
  • The text "Fully editable" is found at the bottom right corner suggesting that the slide elements can be customized.
  • The phrase "Suitable for dark background" is mentioned at the top right, indicating the slide's adaptability to different background colors.

The slide has a clean, modern design with a structured layout that uses symmetry and alignment of graphical elements to convey a sense of order, representing different outcomes in a visual form.

Use Cases

  • Ideal for project management presentations to depict the different outcomes or deliverables at various stages.
  • Useful in business strategy meetings to illustrate the projected results and end goals of a particular initiative.
  • Can be incorporated into progress updates to visually summarize what has been achieved or is to be expected.
  • Effective in educational settings for teaching concepts related to project management, product development, or result-driven activities.

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