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Problem Definition Statement
from deck Sales Business Case Study Template (PowerPoint graphics)

Problem Definition Statement

Slide Content

The slide is intended for users to outline a specific business problem they are facing. It starts with a place to put an "Identified Business Problem Title" to clearly state what the issue is. Below, there is a section to write a brief specification of the problem, followed by bullet points where details can be expanded upon. These bullet points serve as prompts to elaborate on the identified issue, which is crucial for a shared understanding before working on solutions.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional look with a balance of text and imagery.
  • A dominant blue-toned image of a thoughtful man occupies the right side.
  • A bold red block at the top left contains the title text "Problem Definition Statement" in white.
  • Below the title block, on the left, is a circled exclamation point icon that signifies alert or attention.
  • The icon has a gradient red background, indicating urgency or importance.
  • A grey text box extends from the left side, with a placeholder for the "Identified Business Problem Title".
  • The main content area against a white background provides space for text entry, with bullet points for listing problem details.
  • The font colors vary, with the title in white, the problem title in black, and the descriptive text in a muted dark grey.

The overall look of the slide is modern and business-oriented, utilizing a color scheme that emphasizes attention to the identified problem. The layout is structured to guide the presenter in delivering a clear problem statement and pertinent details.

Use Cases

  • To initiate discussions about a new challenge in a business meeting.
  • To present the cornerstone problem at the start of a problem-solving workshop.
  • For use in project kick-off meetings to align team understanding of what issue needs to be addressed.
  • As an introductory slide in a pitch to potential investors or stakeholders to highlight what problem the business aims to solve.

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