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Process, Procedure

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Process, Procedure" and serves as a collection of concept icons designed to represent various aspects of sequences, orders, systems, techniques, methods, approaches, development, and procedures. It includes a set of eight icons: gears for workflow or mechanics, arrows depicting flow or direction, a hierarchy structure, interlinked circles for connectivity or a cycle, birds migrating for coordination or migration, a checklist for organization or tasks, a hand cradling gears for care in operations, and a flowchart for planning or process mapping. Below the icons, the slide indicates they are suitable for dark backgrounds and are fully editable, aiming to offer versatility in presentation design.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional design with a white and teal color scheme.
  • Eight icons are arranged in two rows, evenly spaced and aligned horizontally and vertically.
  • Each icon is a simple, line-drawing style graphic, creating a uniform and modern look.
  • The icons are presented in two shades of blue, with a light and dark variant, adding visual interest.
  • Two circles at the right side -- one teal and one green -- enclose a gear icon and birds in migration, standing out due to the colored backgrounds.
  • A light gray vertical line and a horizontal line intersect right next to the colored circles, contributing to the composition's balance.
  • Above the icons, there is a subtitle in a smaller font with various keywords related to "Process, Procedure" enhancing the context.
  • To the right, text states "Suitable for dark background" which suggests the icons' versatility, and at the bottom, "Fully editable" indicates customization options.

The overall look is sleek and modern, with a strong visual hierarchy that draws attention to the icons and their intended meaning, supported by concise text annotations.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate different stages or elements within a business process during a corporate presentation.
  • As a visual aid in training materials, where each icon represents a step or principle that needs to be explained or memorized.
  • To enhance the visual component of strategy or planning documents, where conceptual icons can delineate parts of the process.
  • In pitch decks or proposals to clearly convey how a product/service works or to outline a project’s methodology.

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