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Questions Time

Slide Content: The slide is titled "Questions Time," signaling a segment of the presentation where audience engagement is encouraged, and queries can be addressed. This slide can be used to indicate a pause for any clarifications and discussions, creating an interactive session.

Graphical Look:

  • The background image features a scenic landscape with snow-covered mountains and a lake.
  • Two blue-toned, ribbon-shaped banners frame the central title on the left and right sides.
  • A large question mark icon is situated next to the title, emphasizing the theme of inquiry.
  • The slide title, "Questions Time," is prominently displayed in a large, bold, sans-serif font.
  • A cool color palette is used, consisting of blues and grays, which corresponds with the wintery landscape theme.

The overall look of the slide is sleek and professional, with a calming natural backdrop that doesn't distract from the clarity of the title and symbol. The use of a question mark icon and ribbon banner shapes effectively draws the viewer's attention to the purpose of the slide, which is a designated time for questions.

Use Cases:

  • At the end of a business presentation to allow for a question-and-answer session with the audience.
  • During a training or workshop to invite participant engagement and understanding check.
  • In a webinar, as a visual cue for the audience to start typing their questions in the chat box.
  • After presenting a complex topic, to pause for reflections, clarifications, and interactive discussions.

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