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Business Case Roadmap Slide | Professional Roadmap Templates for PowerPoint
from deck Sales Business Case Study Template (PowerPoint graphics)

This PowerPoint Roadmap slide from the infodiagram Sales Case PowerPoint Template contains a visual metaphor of a curvy roadmap. This is a blueprint for presenting a problem-solution case study. The roadmap template shows the path from the case study challenge to the desired outcome of the delivered project. You could also use this for product roadmaps, to help outline business plans, PowerPoint presentations to your stakeholders, for general business roadmaps (e.g. adapt and reuse as a product roadmap template) etc. This PowerPoint slide template contains editable milestones in the form of editable teardrop-like points. All elements are fully editable and icons come in a vector graphic format. You can modify, add or remove points, to express your project timeline; resize shapes without loss of image quality, or add shadows and other effects, for example.

Roadmap PowerPoint Template Slide contents:

Business Case Roadmap PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Project Roadmap Graphic, Textboxes, Placeholder Text, Line Graphics, Circle Graphics, Triangle Graphic, Hazard Icon, Target Icon, Lightbulb & Key Icon, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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