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Service Levels for B2B Segments Matrix Table
from deck B2B Customer Segmentation Models Presentation (PPT Template)

Service Levels for B2B Segments Matrix Table

Slide Content

The slide provides a matrix comparison of service levels available to different B2B customer segments. Each row represents a customer segment starting with Key Accounts followed by Segment B to Segment E. Corresponding columns titled Service A to Service F show if the service is available to a segment, indicated by a green checkmark, or not available, indicated by a red cross. Key Accounts enjoy all services except Service D and E, while other segments have varied access to these services.

  • Segment B gets all but Service C and E, which might suggest a focus on diversified offerings minus a couple.
  • Segment C lacks access to Services B and E, perhaps indicating a more specialized or targeted service strategy.
  • Segment D is provided with all services aside from Service B, suggesting a nearly full range of offerings.
  • Segment E shows the most selective service access, with Services C, D, and F only, indicating a specialized or limited service model.

Graphical Look

  • Theme: The slide has a clean and professional look with a white background and alternating light and dark grey shades for row differentiation.
  • Title: Located at the top, the title of the slide has a bold font and is larger than the other text elements.
  • Icons: Each customer segment row has a distinctive icon on the left side, providing a visual cue for the segment type.
  • Column Headers: Service A to Service F are clearly labeled in blue rectangular shapes with white text, spanning the top row.
  • Checkmarks: Green checkmarks signify the availability of a service within a segment and are placed centrally in their respective cells.
  • Crosses: Red crosses indicate the absence of service offerings in a segment and are similarly centered in their cells.
  • Row Labels: Labeled with a dark blue background and angled cut, the row labels identify each customer segment using white text for contrast.

The slide uses a standard matrix layout with a harmonious color scheme, where ### Use Cases

  • Sales Presentations: This slide can be used to outline available service options to potential clients, demonstrating the customization of services per client tier or segment.
  • Internal Training: Employed for training new team members on how service offerings vary across different customer segments, aiding in understanding company strategy.
  • Strategy Meetings: Useful in discussing the strategic allocation of resources to tailor services for specific market segments within the company.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Can be a tool for customer service teams to quickly reference which services apply to particular client segments, ensuring accurate and efficient client support.

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